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Modern employee management and new performance records

Learn from Intel, Google & Co. how to give employees more personal responsibility and encourage them to perform at their best – even without a bonus.

Our customers

Around 100 customers with a total of over 800,000 employees count on our services. One focus is on large to very large companies with high compliance, security and data protection requirements.

Our services

Business innovation

  • Getting more agile?
  • Use the opportunities of digitization?
  • Realign business models?
  • Better support and automate business processes?

IT management

  • Modernise specialist applications?
  • Transform to DevOps and cloud-based computing?
  • More effective risk, program and portfolio management?
  • Improve customer experience in service management?

Atlassian –
Team collaboration

  • handle projects transparently?
  • support teamwork better?
  • Optimize tools for the processes and IT landscape?
  • Obtain collaboration toolchain as a service?


  • New dynamics or ad-interim management required?
  • Special knowledge required?
  • Bottleneck?
  • External support required?

Easier audits

Jira-based solution for sensitive data & highest security requirements

Jira training

Tailor-made and needs-driven training

We are looking forward to you!

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