Tobias, the fresh wind for our consulting team

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On 2 March Tobias will start his activities as a business consultant. Find out more about the fresh wind of our consulting team in this interview.

What made you decide to work at linkyard?

I was contacted one day in late 2019 by a headhunter agency for Atlassian partners on LinkedIn. In the following days I had a lively exchange with this dear gentleman from London, until I finally heard the name linkyard for the first time. With my conventional job search I would probably never have come across it, since there is already a very large spatial distance between work and residence.

So why was I interested in employment? Since I intended to have more customer contact in the future than I had in my previous job, I quickly found the activities described by Stefan very interesting. I also know a lot about the Atlassian product range – a motive for me to join linkyard.

In which function do you work at linkyard and how will your work look like?

I was hired as a business consultant. Especially at the beginning this activity is not conclusively defined in a lean organized company like linkyard. I will spend the first months of my training to get the important information and processes as fast as possible to provide our customers with high quality services and solutions. The topics potentially range from customer acquisition to the handover of the fully implemented platform – so there is a lot to learn.

What are you most excited about working at linkyard?

I really like to be part of something that is growing and developing. linkyard is in a very exciting phase and therefore this need will definitely be covered. For me it will also be the first employment where I will spend a part of my time in the home office – here I will also get to know myself and my own work organisation even better. In general, I am also looking forward to the new people, friendships and experiences that will arise in this context.

Describe your background.

I did business school a long time ago. After this KV degree I had about 600 days in the military to think about the next steps. In service I completed a full-time career as an officer in the infantry. This allowed me to mature on my own and also to take responsibility for more than myself for the first time – was not always easy, but a very instructive time.

Afterwards, through several employers, I was able to see more and more clearly which industries might suit me and what I still wanted to see. I have worked for the largest Swiss e-commerce company, among others, and recently enjoyed implementing software solutions at my previous employer. In the course of my young career, I have thus realized that it is not the industry that counts, but my own fulfillment on the job. I love sitting at the table with people to create more effective and efficient processes together. I will certainly experience this joy again at linkyard.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Work hard – play hard

I set myself high goals, but I also know that achieving them usually pays off. If the payout is right, then there may be time for something beautiful and fulfilling. My opinion on this: The right job can combine all these things. But until it is found, one must also be prepared to invest something or alternatively make friends with the conditions of the ACTUAL state. The latter is certainly not bad, but currently I am young, full of energy and enjoy learning. I don’t know until when I can still have this privilege – that’s why “here and now” counts for me.

If you have tried everything, does that mean that the number of possibilities is limited?

I think that today many people are more willing to use “tried everything” as an excuse. A good example of this is the “Let me google that for you” phenomenon.

Personally, I believe that there are difficult and complex questions in this world – and I am glad I don’t have to answer them. In my ecosystem there will be few situations for which there is no universal recipe. This is often enough to find an independent solution with a little effort.

But the most important question in this matter is not whether everything is possible. Rather, we should constantly question ourselves as to whether we are able to use the knowledge available to us in this life to make the most of our available time.

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