Scaling Lean/Agile with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

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How do I coordinate projects with hundreds of employees? Just in time for the SAFe Regional Summit in Frankfurt, we launch together with our partners Allaxa Associates and rentouch an integrated solution to support the SAFe process.

While Lean/Agile has clearly established itself as the standard in software project management at the level of individual teams, scaling this methodology to projects involving several teams remains a challenge in many companies. One approach to achieve this is the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), which is becoming increasingly widespread in Europe and especially in Switzerland. The framework defines a middle course between centralized management based on business objectives (business alignment) and decentralized, agile planning and implementation.

  • How can the business effectively control the IT teams, which operate agilely and with a correspondingly high degree of implementation autonomy, based on strategic needs?
  • How do you coordinate projects with hundreds of employees, which may be distributed internationally across several locations?
  • How do I deliver valuable software with a short time-to-market?

Together with our partners Allaxa Associates and rentouch we provide an answer to these three key questions. We support the introduction of the SAFe method, provide the IT tools for efficient, distributed communication and coordination and help with the design and implementation of Continuous Delivery and DevOps.