Scala – where does the deployment make sense?

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Mario gave a presentation at the Berner Architect Meeting (BAT) in the Zentrum Paul Klee on the subject of Scala in micro service environments at larger companies.


Scala – where does the assignment make sense? by Mario Siegenthaler


In the quest for greater agility and to break the often extremely long release cycles, many companies are moving their software landscape towards microservices with continuous delivery. This development means that all services no longer have to be uniform; the most suitable technology can be used.
In the context of my contribution I will show for which areas of application Scala is particularly suitable in my opinion.

I will discuss event-based Domain Driven Design with Scala in more detail and show possibilities how such a service can be integrated with already existing applications.

Finally, I will briefly describe the operation; because Scala is based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a very high stability is guaranteed and existing operational know-how can be used to benefit.