Risk & security management

Monitoring business risks systematically

Risk & Security Management

Every business activity involves risks as well as opportunities. Whether it is demanding performance promises, investments, security or compliance: systematic risk management and monitoring of the constantly changing risk situation are key factors for sustainable success.

Holistic risk management

Liability, natural events, accidents or information security: By holistic risk management we mean the systematic consideration of all relevant types of risk for your organisation. The available resources for countermeasures are always limited everywhere. This makes it all the more important to maintain an overview of the risks taken at all times and to be able to derive clear priorities. We always apply the ISO 31000 standard.

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Effective riskmanagement

Some considerations to avoid what Stefan considers to be the most important stumbling blocks in the management of security risks: carelessness and lack of follow through.


The 5 levels of Business Resilience

What is the contribution of IT to a resilient enterprise? A few, certainly not conclusive, considerations by Stefan based on Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

IT risks made understandable

In the course of digitalisation, the dependence on IT is increasing more and more. Every day and to an increasing extent, IT is the target of targeted attacks and the threats are constantly changing. However, in many organizations, IT is finding it difficult to communicate its concerns to the management in an understandable way. We support the embedding of IT and information security risks into the risk management of the organization. On the basis of COBIT and ISO 27001, we ensure a systematic, broadly based treatment of risks.


Self assessment

Where is your organization standing? Get a first assessment and recommendations based on our Self Assessment questionnaire.

Risk management tools

Assets, risks and countermeasures are subject to a lifecycle and must be implemented in order to achieve an effect.  We design risk management systems and can also provide the tools to ensure that risks and measures are tracked.

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