Project management

Project management classic, agile or hybrid

Projektleitung consulting bern
Complex projects require experience, prudence and appropriate maturity to lead them to success.
Many companies do not have sufficient personnel resources with the necessary skills and competencies to handle such projects. 
Furthermore, it makes sense for many projects to count on external support to overcome internal resistance or to take a new view. 
Since we are not only “project managers” but also “project makers”, we create added value quickly and sustainably. The execution can be carried out classically according to the waterfall principle or also agile.

Solution-, goal- and result-oriented project management as a prerequisite for rapid business value

We would describe our project management as “as academic as necessary and results-oriented as possible”. In our experience, this is the only way we can create added value or business value for our customers. Necessities must certainly not be ignored here! Our projects and corresponding results are planned, conceived, implemented and introduced in the required quality within spoken means, as far as this can be influenced by project management, with stakeholders. 

Methods of project management

The choice of the right settlement method is relevant to success. Customers often have specifications on how a project is to be handled. Then again a sure instinct for an optimal adaptation (tailoring) is required. We are familiar with the following processing methods with corresponding certificates and proofs:

HERMES 5.1 classical and agile
Scrum (as Productowner)
SAFe Framework (Epic- and Productowner)
Hybrid forms of processing

Our project managers

Marcel Hostettler

Marcel Hostettler

With previous positions as member of the management board, department head, mandate and project manager over the last 20 years, Marcel can draw on a broad range of expertise in the areas of ICT, strategy and innovation and organizational development. 

Stefan Haller

Stefan studied computer science and holds a Swiss Federal Dipl. Ing. FH degree, and also holds an EMBA in Business Administration.
He holds certifications in requirements engineering, project management (Hermes, SAFe), risk management and Atlassian. Stefan is a part-time lecturer for project management at a university of applied sciences.

Dominique Nagpal

With over 21 years in IT and consulting, Dominique has many years of experience in project & change management, purchasing and management consulting. Dominique also specializes in mediation and conflict management.

Mario Siegenthaler

Mario has over 20 years experience in software development and has worked as CTO, Head of Business Unit, Team Leader, Software Architect, Software Engineer and Head of Nearshoring.

Patrick Scheidegger

Patrick is a federal computer scientist in the field of Service & Technology Solutions and a business analyst SGO-CAS. He has many years of experience in project management and consulting and has planned, designed and executed numerous architectures during 19 years. Additionally Patrick has certifications in project management (SAFe & Hermes), requirements engineering, IT service management (ITIL) and Linux.  

We are looking forward to you!

Marcel Hostettler
Marcel Hostettler

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