Modern employee management with OKR

Enabling controlled innovation and self-realization

Wir zeigen dir, wie du OKR in deinem Unternehmen in der Schweiz einführen kannst

Time-consuming negotiation of MbO (Management by Objectives) targets, which seem outdated after only a few months?
Employees are demotivated by bonus targets or act only selfishly? 

Learn from Intel, Google & Co. how to give employees more personal responsibility and drive them to top performance – even without bonus.

Strategic fit assessment

More agile development of the organization? Yes! More self-reliant employees? Of course! Promoting innovative strength? Sure! More satisfied employees? I want!

But is my organisation also prepared to cope with the consequences of a more modern work organisation? How do I implement OKR and what opportunities and risks does OKR create for the organisation?

In most organisations OKR initiates a culture change away from top-down management. For many managers who have been working with a command and control approach, a change is a challenge, accompanied by a feeling of loss of control. At the same time, the increased responsibility with the associated competencies and expectations can also overwhelm and unsettle many employees.

In our impulse workshop “Strategic fit assessment” we systematically present the basic concepts of OKR, analyse with you whether OKR can provide a valuable impulse for the further development of your organisation at the current point in time and outline a possible further procedure.

Strategic fit assessment-workshop


3 hours

at your place or deliberately away from the daily business

CHF 900.-

Organizational introduction and tools.

As soon as the decision for the introduction of OKR is made, we will support you with tailor-made solutions:

  • Creation of an OKR manual adapted to your company as a guide
  • Embedding in your existing management system (leadership and HR processes, compensation system)
  • Training for managers and employees
  • Coaching and process support in the initial phase
  • Provision of IT tools for efficient process support

Our OKR consulting team

Dominique Nagpal

Dominique has many years of experience in project & change management, purchasing and management consulting.

With her rich industry experience, including telecommunications, public administration, pharmaceuticals and the banking sector, she positions herself at the interface between business and IT.

In addition to her work at linkyard, Dominique acts as a coach for personal development, accompanies in crises and change processes and acts as a mediator in conflicts (nagpal coaching).

Marcel Hostettler

Marcel Hostettler

With previous positions as a member of the management board, department head, mandate and project manager over the last 20 years, Marcel can draw on a broad range of expertise in the areas of ICT, strategy and innovation as well as organizational development. 

Knowledge in the areas of digitalization, business model innovation and agile forms of organization, he keeps up to date as a university lecturer for strategy and innovation and as an auditing expert.

Stefan Haller

Stefan is an expert in project and risk management in both traditional and agile environments. He has more than 15 years of experience in direct and indirect employee management at all hierarchical levels.

Stefan studied computer science and business administration and completed numerous further training courses in the areas of project management, risk management, quality management, business development and information security. He also works as a lecturer for information security and project management at a university of applied sciences.