New offer: JIRA and Confluence-as-a-Service in the EU or Switzerland, professionally managed

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Do you want to use JIRA or Confluence but have as little to do with operations and system administration as possible? Does the repeal and restriction of the US data protection law for foreigners, declared by decree of the US President on January 25, 2017, pose a compliance or security problem with regard to your use of the Atlassian Cloud?

We provide the Atlassian applications as a managed service. You choose whether your solution is operated in a data center in the EU (Netherlands, Germany) or in Switzerland. With these locations, you meet the strict regulatory requirements in Europe, for example the basic data protection regulation of the EU or the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. At the same time you benefit from the additional flexibility of the server versions of Atlassian products. Choose from hundreds of plug-ins, solve the login via your existing user directories or implement interfaces to your other applications.

The basic package including correct licensing, regular software upgrades and professional IT operation is available from as little as CHF/EUR 125 per month. Use our online price calculator to transparently calculate your operating price within seconds and compare our attractive conditions with your previous costs or competitor offers.

Do you have any further questions or would you like a formal offer? Get in touch with us: Stefan Haller,, +41 78 746 51 16.