New management board member and sister company for consulting

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linkyard operates an IT solutions business and a consulting business in parallel. Both business areas have continuously developed solidly. Consulting is now being further expanded by our newcomer Marcel Hostettler and transferred to a sister company. For our existing customers, however, nothing significant will change.

linkyard has gained about 100 customers in the whole German speaking area since its foundation. The annual sales growth compared to the previous year will again be well over 50% in 2019. Both the solutions business and the consulting business have developed very successfully and show the critical mass and earning power to be able to survive in the market independently. We are also not currently seeing any signs that growth in either of the two business segments will slow down in the near future.

Again and again our customers attest us an uncomplicated cooperation, a very good delivery quality and an excellent support. We are convinced that these are the most important success factors for us to be able to continue to serve our very loyal clientele. In 2020 our team will continue to expand, first announcements will follow shortly. In order to create the best possible organizational conditions for both the solutions business and consulting in the coming years, we are making two changes.

Foundation of a holding company and a consulting subsidiary

In the next few weeks we will establish two new companies. In the first step the linkyard group ag will be founded. This company will be a pure holding company without any operational business of its own and will be the first to take over the linkyard ag holdings which were previously privately held by the partners. Shortly after this the linkyard consulting ag will be founded as a new subsidiary. Also the new holding company linkyard group ag will remain completely in the possession of the linkyard partners, just like the linkyard ag before.

This structural adjustment simplifies for us the inner, organizational complexity of two combined and somewhat differently functioning business models. This allows us to continue to provide our highly self-organized teams and employees with the necessary basis for decision-making on all relevant aspects of the business in a comprehensible manner and to reduce dependencies, or at least make them clearly identifiable.

Expansion of our management with a new partner

We are also expanding our management team to include Marcel Hostettler. He has many years of experience in consulting and was already active before as a mandate manager and member of a management board. He will become a partner with us and will take over the management of our consulting business as managing director of linkyard consulting ag.

As sole owners, the partners jointly provide the boards of directors of all companies. Even after the change, the linkyard group of companies is fully financed by the owners and free of debt.

No significant effects for our customers

It is very important to us to implement this change without disturbing our customers. By unbundling, we are simplifying our internal, administrative structures per business area. The linkyard family will remain under one roof and will continue to present itself to the outside world in an uncomplicated and integrated manner.

We do not want to make any adjustments in cooperation with our customers. We continue to fulfil all existing contracts unchanged. Depending on the nature of the project, linkyard consulting ag will, if need be, increasingly act as a formal contractual partner for new consulting offers. We do not strive for a dogmatic separation and handle this in a very pragmatic way. All linkyard employees will continue to work in all business areas and will remain the contact person for “all things linkyard”.

We wish all our customers a successful year and look forward to further cooperation.