Ensuring the auditability

Traceable processes in change management with Jira


Process management


The Problem

Magali Stritzelberger from McDonald’s Suisse and her team monitor the correct salary payment for the 1700 employees throughout Switzerland.

During 2017, Magali realised that a system was needed to track developments in the HR system; the current method was no longer able to meet the needs of the auditors.

The solution

On December 8, McDonald’s contacted linkyard for an offer to implement and host a completely new Jira-based solution. Due to sensitive data high security standards had to be fulfilled by linkyard. 
McDonald’s needed this new system to be ready for all developments from 2018. 
The detailed requirements were collected in a workshop on 14 December.
On December 20, the Jira-based solution was installed ready for use in production. In January, a custom report for transparent extraction of the audit trail was added. 
Since 2018, the systems, including all executed maintenance windows, have been running smoothly with a system availability of over 99.9%.

Precise & efficient execution

We wanted to act quickly and decisively. The time was short, but thanks to the great expertise of the linkyard team we were able to define all parameters and what was needed in only one meeting. They then implemented what was discussed efficiently and precisely, so that we were ready in time for the coming year.
Magali Stritzelberger

Senior Payroll Consultant, McDonald’s Suisse Management & Services Sàrl

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