Marcel, the new Consulting CEO

Marcel Hostettler
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Marcel will take up his position as CEO of linyard consulting ag as of March 2020. In this interview you will get to know him better.

What made you decide to work at linkyard?

Even before my employment I knew Mario (one of the managing partners of linkyard ag). Through my previous activities I immediately recognized the great potential of linkyard. I was and am convinced that I can quickly bring my consulting know-how into the company and that we will generate business value for us and our customers. Therefore it was clear for me that I want to join linkyard. The skills that are now available in the linkyard eco system have in my opinion an enormous leverage effect.

For me personally, an open corporate culture and the individual development of people is very important. Among other things, these points were decisive.

In which function do you function at linkyard and how will your work look like?

As a single point of contact for our customers, I represent the consulting division in the position of CEO. Impeccable consulting services are essential for me. It is still important to ensure that added value is generated for the customer as quickly as possible. Here I pay attention to high-quality consulting at competitive prices. Our growth in consulting is certainly one of my main tasks. I achieve this with our USP: We are not only “consultants” but also “doers”.

What are you most excited about working at Linkyard?

I look forward to meeting many new people and achieving our goals. But most of all I am looking forward to watching how people develop.

Describe your background.

I believe I have an unusual background. At first I did an apprenticeship as a retail clerk. Afterwards I quickly came to the conclusion that I wanted to do something else and then I gained a foothold in the industry, in the coffee machine sector. Pretty soon I was appointed deputy head of purchasing and quality manager. After completing my studies, I took over departmental responsibility at Swiss Post. I was head of address management there. Because I was jointly responsible for a number of major IT projects, I soon found myself with both feet in the ICT industry. Due to my specialization in the areas of innovation management, strategy and organizational development, I decided to work as an independent consultant. Afterwards I was a member of the management board of a Bernese consulting company, responsible for the area of business innovation and worked as a mandate manager or senior project manager.

To crown my career, I have now become a partner at linkyard.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I see myself as an impatient, integer, ambitious but actually empathic person and always strive for win-win situations. But how I really am can be better described by people who know me.

Why is water wet?

Because the banana is crooked.