Location-independent teamwork

Tools for modern collaboration and home office for all types of teams

Your workplace is where your notebook is. We provide you with the necessary tools to work together efficiently as a team.

Supply of relevant information

Today, employees expect a high degree of work autonomy. At the same time, this self-reliant way of working offers great potential for employers to increase productivity. However, employees can only make the right decisions on their own responsibility in everyday life if they can be provided with the relevant information at all times.

Knowledge Management

Process management documentation that is accessible from anywhere and adapts vividly to change brings together specialist knowledge and business rules.

Social Intranets

The intranet becomes a lively space where people exchange ideas and organize events. Specialist questions are asked among the respective experts in appropriate forums and answered in a documented way.

Chat & Conferencing

Meetings and bilateral discussions are moved into virtual space regardless of location. Planning sessions are conducted on virtual boards.

Business Analytics

Individually prepared information about the customer, the course of business or parallel business with other persons enables the clean preparation of customer meetings.

Managing projects and tracking tasks

As a matrix organization, projects involve the participation of employees from business and IT departments, and often external service providers. It is important that planning is comprehensible for everyone and that there is a transparent insight into the progress of the work.

Program, multi-project management and portfolio planning

Project management tools for classic or Lean/Agile projects

Prepare meetings with dynamic agenda lists together

Execute business processes together via structured workflows

Our approach to solution development

We are both integrators of standard products and developers of individual solutions. We provide software tools according to the approach: as standardized as possible, as customized as useful. This enables us to achieve a very high level of efficiency in our solutions.

Test our tools for three months free of charge

Complete a test period of three months, accompanied by our support, to explore the possibilities for your company and form an opinion.

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