linkyard has already successfully established itself in the first half of the business year and is making a profit

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After the first 6 months of operating activities linkyard draws a first positive interim conclusion.

Already a double-digit number of customers with a cumulated 90’000 employees count on our services. They are primarily active in the insurance, public administration, logistics, health, IT, media or energy and water supply sectors. 50% of our client base are large to very large companies with over 500 to several tens of thousands of employees, 20% employ between 20 and 500 people, and around 30% have fewer than 20 employees. 40% of our clients are internationally active. The remaining companies are active in their home markets in Switzerland or exclusively in Germany.

The financial start of linkyard has also been extremely successful. Despite high investments in product development, we are already closing the first half-year result in the company’s history with a profit. Also the order backlog for the next 6 months already reaches the turnover of the last half year, so that profitability for the whole first business year is probably secured. This enables us to further increase our investments in the development of new products and services.

We would like to thank all our customers for the productive and pleasant cooperation and are looking forward to continue working for them.