Identity & access management

Integrated solutions for collaboration with customers and partners

Identity Access Management

In the modern working world, cooperation across organizational boundaries is so intense that a company-wide user directory alone is no longer able to meet the requirements.

The federation of internal and external directories, comprehensive authorization concepts and access to all services via a single, personal login provide answers to complex system landscapes.

Give your customers and partners easy access to your order processing services, product documentation, support tools and project management tools from a single, secure login. Integrate various existing login services and delegate user administration to partner organizations.

Single Sign on Schema

Secure login procedure

Increases security with multi-factor authentication, even for applications that do not support this out-of-the-box.

Do you need a simple but secure login service for your project? We provide you Keycloak as a managed service in our linkyard cloud.

Programmable business interfaces

Offer your high-volume customers not only manually operated web interfaces, but also enable them to conduct business through secure, programmable interfaces and web APIs (Application Programming Interface). This reduces your customers’ processing costs when working with you.

Holistic authorization concepts

Maintains an overview of the granted authorizations, controls their life cycle reliably and implements comprehensibly logged application and approval processes.

Our contribution

We analyse your specific requirements and design the appropriate solution. Either we implement it ourselves using suitable standard software such as Keycloak. Or we support you in the evaluation of a suitable provider and accompany you during the implementation of this technically specialized and often challenging topic.

We are looking forward to you!

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