Cédric, the new Marketing Assistant

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Cédric has filled the position of Marketing Assistant since 6 February. Find out more about him in this interview.

What made you decide to work at linkyard?

I was looking for a suitable job that I could take up alongside my studies. Online I found the job offer of linkyard and the job description corresponded exactly with my ideas. And now I am here.

In which function do you function at linkyard and how will your work look like?

I am employed as a Marketing Assistant and support the marketing department in all upcoming tasks. In addition, as a prospective lawyer, I help with the drafting of contracts wherever possible. My field of activity is therefore very broad.

What are you most excited about working at linkyard?

I am looking forward to working in a dynamic and productive team and to giving my creative side free rein.

Describe your career.

After elementary school I visited the Gymnasium in Burgdorf. During this time I took several holiday jobs. After graduation, I did a short internship at a health insurance company and then began my studies of law at the University of Bern.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I would describe myself as a person with a wide range of interests and the ability to learn, who is clear about his goals and always strives to achieve them.

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