Bitbucket as linkyard cloud service

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Do you put a lot of effort into maintaining your software development infrastructure instead of creating valuable software? We make sure that developers can really put their scarce time into software. To do this, we are next adding Atlassian’s source code management system Bitbucket to our “as-a-Service” offering.

Our software offering in the linkyard cloud gets another important component for software teams with Bitbucket-as-a-Service. The first customers are already productive and we can offer the usual high quality, security and automation for Bitbucket.

As usual with our cloud offerings, licensing, maintenance renewal, regular software updates and incident management are included in the operating fee. In addition, you can choose between various SLA packages and backup plans.

Security and performance are important to us. We regularly implement hard disk encryption, two-factor authentication, connection to single sign-on, etc. Bitbucket is operated in the EU or Switzerland, on request for companies with internationally distributed teams also georedundant at other locations in the USA or Asia.

Are you interested in Bitbucket? Just get in touch with us:, 078 746 51 16.