Bell of Success and Knowledge

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Making your own experiences and celebrating success is good, but even better is sharing them with others. Only in this way everyone benefits and synergies are created.

Hmm, ringing a bell? Isn’t that a little old-school? The symbol, yes, but not what’s behind it.
We at linkyard are firmly convinced that not only successes, but also failures should be celebrated.
Therefore, we have created the linkyard “Bell of Success and Knowledge”. Besides the physical bell in our office, successes and learnings are shared in the slack channel of the same name.

What happens when the bell is rung?

Once a month we all gather together in the office and share the experiences we have had. These Gatherings are rounded off by toasting together on successes and new knowledge.

During the lockdown we held the gathering and aperitif virtually. We all received a small aperitif package with everything we needed for a good aperitif.

What it takes for such a culture

Above all, mutual trust within the entire company forms the foundation of our culture. Everyone should make their own experiences without being constantly observed or every step being monitored.

We only see mistakes as such if you do not learn anything from them or do not draw any consequences for yourself or your company. This does not mean, of course, that you should provoke them, but rather that everyone should be given the freedom to try out new things and gain new experiences.

In addition, working with OKR’s (Objective Key Results) inspires the gaining of such experiences. The OKR’s serve to ensure that each employee sets his or her own goals each quarter, for which he or she likes to get up in the morning and work. At the same time, these goals are not only on an individual level, but also align with the “Company Objectives”. The OKR’s are therefore not only motivating, but also serve to measure the goals.

This ritual has now become firmly established in our culture and is not only perceived as a tedious meeting, but is also a joint event with exchange of knowledge, good conversations and a delicious aperitif.

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