Award-winning open source projects

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At the annual conference for digital sustainability DINAcon, the best Swiss projects in the field of Open Source and Open Data are awarded every year. We are pleased to announce that this year two projects to which linkyard has contributed were awarded.

Own developments of the state under open source license

Should the public administration publish its own developments as open source? What is relatively easy for a private market participant to do, is much more difficult for the state. The range of many additional questions is extensive: How can the legal mandate for publishing software be derived? What market distortions can arise as a result? What liability risks do taxpayers run and how can they be borne? With the “Service Open Source Platform” project of the Office of Information Technology and Organisation of the Canton of Berne, a sound procedure has been developed so that the state can disclose its software with a clear conscience and not become an adventure for those responsible. We were happy to make our contribution to bridge the gap between software development and law. We congratulate the Office of Information Technology and Organisation on the award in the category Best Practice.

The complex building permit procedure handled transparently

Anyone who has ever applied for a state building permit has been confronted with a wide variety of questions, depending on the building project: Is the property located within the building zone? Are toxic substances stored? How are energy, water and transport connections planned? In the case of more complex projects, the spectrum ranges over so many specialist areas that even experienced architects and planners do not have an immediate answer to every question. With the “Caluma” project, Adfinis SyGroup AG has developed a solution that allows even very complex forms to be implemented electronically and that allows the client to work out the same electronic application together with the various project participants it has commissioned. Once the application has been submitted, the review and discussion with the responsible specialist departments also takes place electronically. Caluma is being used for the implementation of the electronic building permit procedure in the Cantons of Schwyz and Berne and is already productive in both cantons. linkyard is providing the technical project management and part of the business engineering in both cantonal projects. We congratulate the Adfinis SyGroup for the award.