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Our mission is the digitization of your business processes: linkyard connects you efficiently with your customers and partners and facilitates collaboration. We integrate Atlassian products into your existing system landscape eliminating duplication. In order to optimize your processes, we determine process parameters, prepare and display relevant documents automatically before you start work and automate recurring tasks using rules or machine learning.


We operate your Atlassian solution in data centers in Europe (Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany).

  • Complete license package, operation, upgrade and support
  • European/Swiss Data Protection Compliance
  • Flexible integration of user directories and third-party applications
    to linkyard cloud

Licensing & support

We offer remote and on-site support for your Atlassian environments throughout the German-speaking region, regardless of where they’re operated/hosted. Choose from our catalogue of services and decide which tasks you prefer to completely take over by yourself. You also have the option to occasionally order from linkyard  (e.g. in the event of substitutions during absences) or to completely outsource to us.


Our services at a glance

Handling of support requests

Responding to support requests from users and administrators via our Service Desk Portal. Customers with a Business or Premium SLA can also contact our support hotline.

Incident and Problem Management

Providing 3rd level support in the event of malfunctions, analysing and eliminating them and implementing workarounds if needed.

Release management

Preparing and implementing software upgrades on your test and production environments.

User administration

Management of user accounts and permissions.

Application administration

Creating new projects and areas. We adapt configurations and workflows to user needs.

Migrations and housekeeping

Implementing system and data migrations, structuring and consolidating configurations that have grown too uncontrollably.

Preventive maintenance

Monitoring your system load and log files. If necessary, initiating measures in case of increased risk of malfunction.

Adaptive maintenance

Customizing JIRA or Confluence configurations, as well as linkyard-implemented scripts, plug-ins, and enhancements to changing infrastructures, interfaces, and environments.

Corrective maintenance

Fixing errors in the configuration of JIRA or Confluence, as well as in scripts, plugins, and extensions developed by linkyard.

Training & coaching

We offer training and workshops on all Atlassian products. Our training is tailored to your needs. You decide how much practical training you need and whether you prefer to directly incorporate it into your existing system environments. If required, we also integrate workshop elements into the training for specific problems. Our trainers are experienced, certified Atlassian specialists.

Our prices are simple: a half-day training costs CHF 1,250, regardless of content. 
The price includes the preparation of individual training contents, all expenses and travel time within Switzerland, the provision of training environments as well as the electronically delivered training materials

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Our training modules are kept short and iterate between theoretical introduction to the concepts and practical tasks. At the end of each module is a Q&A session.


Our learning material is reused from training to training and if needed, can be re-arranged and complemented.


We allow a lot of interaction within the training modules and ad-hoc questions posed by participants.


We are also happy to work on training topics with your own data instead of examples. Although this is more demanding, it is often more valuable for the participants. white 1

Jira training

Within the framework of a tailor-made, demand-driven training, achieved the goals set and the security to independently further develop the solution

"linkyard provided us with a compact and bespoke training on all core concepts and was able to answer our questions immediately and comprehensively. At the same time, we cleaned up the remnants from previous configuration attempts." 
—Niklaus Hählen, Produktmanager

Compact & bespoke training

“linkyard provided us with a compact and bespoke training on all core concepts and was able to answer our questions immediately and comprehensively. At the same time, we cleaned up the remnants from previous configuration attempts.”
—Niklaus Hählen, Produktmanager & Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

We will be happy to prepare a bespoke offer tailored to your needs!

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